The Team

Cathryn Jaffray

Cathryn found Pilates whilst training at dance college. On leaving college She then went on to become a dance and fitness teacher where Matwork Pilates was another string to her bow, over the years her love and passion for Pilates grew as she saw more and more clients being helped by the method whether it was freeing people from pain, improving their performance in their chosen sport or just a fun way to move and feel good. In the end this became the main focus and she now only teaches Pilates.

Ultimately Cathryn is a people person and loves making every single client that crosses the threshold feel comfortable and special. Many clients are still with her from when she set up business almost twenty years ago and most new clients come to her through word of mouth and recommendations.

Cathryn initially trained with Michael king at the Pilates institute and then body control Pilates, her reformer training was with Julie driver Pilates education and has completed further Matwork training with world renowned teacher blossom Leilani Crawford she takes regular sessions for her own self practice with Michelle smith teacher trainer for pi Pilates.

She has specialist qualifications in lower back pain, pre and post-natal and osteoporosis.

Outside of Pilates she is a wife and mother of two children, she loves dancing, trips to the theatre and her slightly geeky special interest is medieval history. In her downtime you will find her walking the dog listening to a podcast.


They say, “Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” That’s precisely what led me to become a Pilates teacher. My journey with Pilates began during my teenage years, and I experienced firsthand the incredible benefits it offers. I firmly believe that Pilates is a thoughtful and transformative form of movement that can benefit everyone.

As a qualified Body Control Pilates instructor, I’ve cherished every step of my journey. I wholeheartedly embraced the philosophy and practices of Pilates, and I even ventured into teaching Pilates on the large Apparatus, which adds a unique layer of magic to the practice.

My passion lies in helping others feel good in their bodies through Pilates. It’s not just a job; it’s a calling and a labour of love. I consider myself fortunate to share the transformative power of Pilates with my students, and I look forward to assisting you on your own path to wellness and vitality.