Getting Started

How To Get Started

You do not need to be fit or coordinated to start Pilates, in The beginner classes we cover the basics of alignment and strengthening the core muscles including the back, abdominals, pelvic floor and diaphragm (breathing muscles). 

You will find the movements are simple but by applying the Pilates principles of concentration, centring, breathing, precision, flowing movement and control the exercises become challenging. 

The combination of moving the spine in all directions and the other major joints though their full range will help strengthen muscles that could be stronger, lengthen tight muscles, improve your posture and core strength and bring balance back to the body, this will help you with your every day activities and hobby’s making you feel fitter stronger and improve any niggles or chronic pain you might be experiencing. 

It can also improve your performance in your chosen activity whether that be running, riding, cycling or just walking the dog.

In the words of Joseph Pilates

In ten sessions you will feel the difference
In twenty sessions you will see the difference 
In thirty sessions you will have a whole new body 
We only get one body so helping you look after it and get the best out of it is our priority.