Private Training

We offer one to one sessions in a private garden studio which is fully equipped with Pilates apparatus including a reformer tower, chair, spine and foot corrector, with one to one training you will feel the changes in your body quicker as we can tailor the session to focus on areas specific to you.

Joseph Pilates invented a range of equipment to help rebalance the body and help you live a life of health and vitality. 

The equipment works by using springs as resistance, sometimes challenging you to build strength, supporting you to help you find good alignment, lengthening you to open the body and improve flexibility, the shape of the equipment helps you with proprioception and body awareness.


The reformer is long rectangular frame raised off the floor with a moving platform, the platform is attached to the frame at one end by springs, there is a bar that goes up and down that you will put your feet and sometimes Your hands on, at the other end of the frame long straps run through pullies with handles sometimes for your hands and also with loops for your feet. you can lay on the platform as well as kneeling and standing.

The tower is a tall frame attached to the end of the reformer with springs, loops and a bar.

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